Affordable Services 4 All, LLC


Many individuals and families without prescription coverage, limited prescription coverage or having a medical hardship have difficulty paying for their medications and don't know where to get help.

There are many individuals who have to take maintenance medications every day and have to choose between buying their medications and paying their basic living necessities such as utility bills, paying rent or mortgage, buying food.

Neither should be an option!

Why use MEDPro's Service?

We realize a prescription medication when taken as prescribed, improve lives and decreases overall healthcare spending. Each Pharmaceutical Company's sponsored program has it's own eligibility guidelines and documentation. Prescription Assistance Programs are constantly changing: Drugs are added to or deleted from the programs, eligibility requirements change, applications forms are revised frequently. We have found that for most individuals the process is confusing, time consuming and tedious. The end result is the programs are not being utilized to their fullest potential and only a small percentage of people are able to access the medication from the programs on their own.

We at MEDPro want individuals to know what options are available to meet their needs.

MEDPro has the most comprehensive database and understanding of Pharmaceutical Company Prescription Assistance Programs. This allows us to provide an efficient service and streamline the application process.

You can count on MEDPro to:

Conduct an initial evaluation of your particular situation. Match your individual prescription to the appropriate programs. Review and verify the eligibility requirement for each program. Let you know the options and recommend the programs that meet your needs.

Once you are ready to apply for the Prescription Assistance Programs:

  • The MEDPro processing department will access the forms and do the application processing for you
  • Become the communication link between you, your physician's office and the Pharmaceutical Companies
  • Order your refills as needed
  • Inform you when it is time to renew your applications
  • Answer your questions and make updates to your information
  • Stay current on trends and changes in available programs and how they affect your situation

Explore our materials and if you need the help, know of someone that does or just want to get involved with our program, please contact us for additional information.